Chicago police say homicide clearance rate improved in 2023

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Tuesday, January 2, 2024
Chicago police say homicide clearance rate improved in 2023
Chicago police say the city's homicide clearance rate improved in 2023. CPD also said homicides and carjackings were down.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Chicago police have released updated numbers on crime. The department said that in 2023 officers solved a higher percentage of murders across the city.

The homicide clearance rate improved to 51.7%, CPD said.

Some say there is still a lot of work to be done.

But police say the numbers tell a different story: that they are making progress and violent crime was down in 2023.

According to Chicago police numbers released Tuesday, homicides last year were down 12.9%, and many of them were solved.

CPD cleared 319 homicides. They also say carjackings are down 21%.

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"That's great. It's a good thing for the city. But the reality is -- do people feel safe? Absolutely not," said Father Michael Pfleger with St. Sabina Church.

Pfleger is one of the city's leading activists fighting gun violence and working with many victims of violent crime. Police say their partnerships with church and neighborhood groups are making a difference.

"Police can't solve the issue alone. It's gonna take investment, jobs, good schools," Pfleger said.

The lower homicide numbers mean little to the family of Salvador Herrera, who was shot and killed in his car in the 700-block of South Loomis Street in October.

The family has held vigils and collected about $45,000 along with CrimeStoppers for a reward. But police have made no arrests so far in the case.

"This needs to stop. My brother was a victim. It can absolutely happen to anyone, anywhere in Chicago. No one is safe now," said Marcelina Herrera, the victim's sister.

New CPD Superintendent Larry Snelling said he is committed to building stronger bonds with residents and community groups, supporting crime victims and making Chicago safer.

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