Chicagohenge 2024 returns Tuesday; where and when to watch it

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Monday, March 18, 2024
Chicagohenge photographers come together for the perfect shot
How a rare meteorological event unites Chicago photographers.Chicagohenge only happens twice a year and photographers gather to snap the perfect sunrise and sunset.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Twice a year the sun lines up with Chicago's architecture in a phenomenon called "Chicagohenge."

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Chicagohenge is when the sun appears to be perfectly framed between the skyscrapers of Chicago. It occurs when the path of the sun aligns with the equator, rising and setting directly east and west.

Because Chicago's streets are arranged in a grid system, the sun appears centered between the buildings on streets that align east-west.

This phenomenon only happens during the spring and fall equinoxes.

According to the Adler Planetarium, solar equinoxes are the only times of the year when sunlight is distributed evenly, meaning everywhere on earth will experience equal amounts of daylight and night.

The days surrounding equinoxes are when Chicagohenge can be witnessed.

This year, spring Chicagohenge will begin on March 19 and continue until March 23. The equinox is on March 20.

The best time to view the event will be during sunrise or sunset on streets facing due west or due east.

Bundle up if you plan on watching early, because the weather on Tuesday morning is expected to be about 29 degrees and possibly cloudy.

Tuesday evening will be an ideal time to watch as the weather is expected to be mostly clear.

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