'Overgrad' helps students get into college

CHICAGO (WLS) -- This time of year can be stressful for high school juniors. Between the ACT, SAT and the start of their college search, it can be daunting for both students and parents.

But a new program called "Overgrad" aims to help take some of that stress away. It was designed and developed in Chicago and is free for all students.

Overgrad co-creator Ryan Hoch, who was recently named "30 Under 30" by Forbes magazine, explained how the program came about and how it works.

He also shared five tips for students starting the college process:

1. Create a list of colleges where you plan to apply.
2. Start writing your personal statement.
3. Choose two or three people who you know can write you strong letters of recommendation.
4. Start researching general and school-specific scholarships options.
5. Sign-up and study for the ACT/SAT if you plan to retake either.

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