Cops accused of corruption allegedly previously raided wrong home

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The case of a woman who filed suit against Chicago Police after officers raided the wrong home two years is now apparently part of an FBI investigation into alleged police corruption.

Sharon Spearman said she was in bed on the night nearly three years ago when a squad of police officers broke down her door and rushed into her apartment with guns drawn in front of her young children, as the ABC7 I-Team first reported in 2016.

She said the officers were looking for drugs and money.

I-TEAM REPORT: Chicago mom says cops raided wrong apartment, paid her hush money
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A single mother says she was paid cash by Chicago police after officers raided the wrong location and broke down the door of her apartment.

"They came into my room and threw me on the floor, put the handcuffs on me," said Spearman.

It turns out they had the wrong apartment. When they went next door, Spearman said they found what they were looking for. She said her neighbor told her they took several pieces of evidence as well as $10,000 from the home. And then the sergeant came back to her.

"He was like, 'Uh ,sorry about what happened,' then he gave me $1,000 and said put it under your pillow and be quiet about it," Spearman said.

"This was pretty blatant when they took money in the raid of the other home," said her attorney Greg Kulis.

Now, it turns out the sergeant and several of the officers are apparently under investigation for stealing money from a number of different suspects during drug raids.

Sources said a year long investigation by the FBI and police internal affairs has led to the arrest of several members of a Chicago police gang unit based on the West Sside of the city.

Kulis handles a lot of police misconduct cases. He said he's not surprised.

"The trust is the peripheral damage in the community," he said.

No charges have been filed against the officers, and the U.S. Attorney's Office has not said if or when charges could be expected.
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