'Dancing with the Stars': Iman Shumpert's parents in crowd as Oak Park native makes his debut

LOS ANGELES (WLS) -- Oak Park native and basketball player Iman Shumpert made his debut on "Dancing With The Stars" Monday night!

Our man in Hollywood, George Pennacchio, caught up his parents, who flew in from Chicago to cheer on their son in the ballroom.

"This is very exciting, I love this show, I absolutely love this show and I love my son," said L'Tanya Shumpert, Iman's mom.

"Confidence, we know that he's always had in everything he attempted, it's his, he does not give up easily," said Odis Shumpert, Iman's dad. "He's in it to win it."

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"My father figured how to always be at our games when we were kids, my mother always figured it out, I'm gonna leave work at this time, we're gonna rush it," Iman said. "They've always been behind us 100%."

Iman's mom said he's always had a good working attitude.

"Always from the time he was really small, he's had very good worth ethic, naturally, and he loves music, that's his passion, so you put the two together, and he's gotta take this like nothing," she said. "He wants to share his love of music and dance with his daughters. He's very creative, so I'm sure he has a lot of input and he wants to see it through."

You can watch "Dancing with the Stars" Monday nights on ABC7.
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