Chalk artist overcomes losing fingers in car accident to create sidewalk art

ByPoinesha Barnes WLS logo
Friday, July 1, 2022
Chalk artist overcomes losing fingers in car accident to create sidewalk art
After losing some fingers in a car accident, one woman has changed her outlook on her disability, proving her future is as bright as her artwork.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- July is Disability Pride month, a time set aside to uplift those who may be a different.

One woman is spreading a little artistic joy throughout the city by creating masterpieces while overcoming her differences.

Artwork, can bring joy to those who see it, as well as to those who make it.

"It was a dark time, so I think people just enjoyed seeing this colorful chalk art on the sidewalk," said chalk artist Rebecca Laflure.

Even temporary art that washes away after a hard rain or simply with the passing of time.

"It clears my canvas for something new and I'm able to come up with something different," Laflure said.

Laflure said she started creating chalk art with her daughter at the height of the pandemic. But, what started as a way to get out of the house soon turned into a lesson about believing in yourself.

"Back in 2007, I actually got into a car accident where I lost the fingers on my right hand, which is my dominant hand," Laflure recalled. "There was definitely a period of time where I worried I wouldn't be able to handwrite again, let alone create any kind of art."

Laflure's outlook has now changed, proving that her future is just as bright as her artwork.

"I definitely felt embarrassed about my hand difference and I always wanted to hide it, always wear a prosthetic everywhere I went," she said. "But now it's totally different, I never wear a prosthetic, it's something I'm proud of because it shows I overcame this."

Her message is one that everyone can learn from.

"Embrace your difference. It makes you, you. It makes you special. It's definitely nothing to be ashamed of," Laflure said. "I know it's easier said than done. But I'm just so glad that I've gotten to that point in my life, and I hope others do as well."

Laflure now creates commissioned art across the city. To see her artistic chalk journey, you can follow her on Instagram at ChalkOFTheTown312.