Dolton shooting: Faith leaders call for action after 4 shot in Auto Zone parking lot

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Friday, February 2, 2024
Faith leaders call for peace after 4 shot in Dolton
Faith leaders in the south suburbs are calling on leaders to fund peace.

DOLTON, Ill. (WLS) -- Days after a parking lot shooting sent four people to the hospital, faith leaders in south suburban Dolton are calling on the city and state to do better and fund peace.

The group gathering here at the scene of the shooting on Sibley Boulevard in Dolton.

On Wednesday, Dolton police responded to the Auto Zone parking lot where four people were shot after an apparent crash and shootout.

Two badly damaged cars sustaining damage including bullet holes.

A witness said multiple people from both cars jumped out and exchanged gunfire forcing people in the area to duck for cover.

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Friday, this group of faith leaders want the state and the city of Dolton to invest in community healing and trauma-informed care to address the root causes of violence.

"Black communities are still in crisis and we demand investment, solutions in Dolton and the southland across the state of Illinois," Rev. Ciera Bates Chamberlain of Live Free Illinois said.

"This is what we want our elected officials to see," Pastor Lawrence Blackful, Jr., of Live Free Illinois said. "This is what we want our business community and corporate community to see that investing in our communities, is investing in our babies."

The group calling on elected officials across the Chicago, the suburbs and the state to not forget about violence issues in the southland.

They say attacking violence needs to involve a collective effort and task force with neighboring communities and the state.