Chicago man helps thousands get vaccinated; receives year's worth of free coffee

Roger Naglewski has helped tens of thousands of people get vaccinated as the founder of Chicago Vaccine Hunters. In honor of National Pay It Forward Day, Dunkin' is rewarding this unsung hero with a year's worth of free coffee!

Naglewski explained that he started the group when the COVID-19 vaccine first started rolling out to Illinoisians - and many were having trouble getting it. Being in a higher risk category himself due to an immunosuppressing medication, he came across a vaccine hunter group in New Orleans while trying to set up his own appointment. He said the group had lots of useful tips but that he couldn't find anything like it here in the Chicago area, so he started his own group. The group now has more than 92,000 members and has helped more than 30,000 people get vaccinated.

Naglewski even helps people book their own appointments and said that the recipients' sense of gratitude gives him a "warm, positive feeling."

Dunkin' rewarded him with a year's worth of free coffee in honor of National Pay It Forward Day - and they want to spread the good vibes to you too! One lucky customer at each of the 600+ Dunkin' locations throughout Chicagoland will win free coffee for a year - no strings attached. All you have to do is visit your local Dunkin' between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. on Wednesday, April 28th, for your chance to win. You can go into the store (adhering to their safety guidelines, of course) or pull through the drive-thru. Click here to find your nearest location.