Moms meet after apology for movie theater behavior goes viral

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When Kyesha Smith Wood heard how her teens behaved in a movie theater, she wrote a public apology that went viral. Now she is delivering tickets paid for by her teens to make it up to the family they disrupted.

A moviegoer's worst nightmare -- the people sitting behind talking and giggling through the film. And they're kicking your seat.

When it happened to Rebecca Boyd, of Adger, Alabama, she tried to ask the girls behind her to stop.

"After I spoke to them, they seemed to not care," she told ABC News. "They just laughed in my face."

When Birmingham mom Kyesha Smith Wood heard how her daughter and stepdaughter had acted, she was ashamed and embarrassed. So she took to Facebook, and in what seemed to be a long shot, penned a public apology that she hoped the other woman might see.

"This rude, disrespectful, and awful behavior is unacceptable and they owe you an apology," Wood wrote.

The local Jefferson County Sheriff's Office shared Wood's post on Facebook, where it received over 250,000 likes, and eventually was seen by Boyd.

Monday, the two moms met in person.

"I was shocked that the mother supported me," Boyd told ABC News.

Wood's daughters have written their own apologies to Boyd and contributed some of their allowances to treat Boyd's family to a new trip to the movies.
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