Jenny Patinkin shares makeup trends for 2018

Makeup artist and beauty expert, Jenny Patinkin, stopped by "Windy City LIVE" to show us what makeup trends are passé and what's here to stay in 2018.

Eye Liner: Too much black liner in the waterline is a classic first step teenagers take with makeup because it's easy to apply and high impact ... but too many women stick with it over the years, not realizing it can make the eyes look smaller. Instead, line the waterline AND smudge a lighter color (pencil liner or eyeshadow) under your lower lash line. This creates the illusion that the lash line is lower on the face, making the eyes look bigger and taller.

Square Trimmed Eyebrows: This has been a hot trend we've seen all over social media for quite some time, but the look now is moving more towards a softer, fluffier shape. Unless it's your natural shape, a harshly trimmed, square brow can look severe and aging. Instead, brush the inner corner hairs down when you're trimming them to get a softer look and use a brow gel to tame any longer hairs.

Dark Matte Lipstick: Dark, matte colors make lips look thinner and can accentuate those vertical fine lines which is very aging. Instead, use a satin or creamy formula, or a dab of clear balm in the center of the lips, to reflect light and make lips look larger.

For more makeup tips and tricks, pick up a copy of Jenny Patinkin's book, "Lazy Perfection: The Art of Looking Great Without Really Trying."