Yuzu Sushi + Robata Grill turns sushi into art in West Town

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Your phone will definitely want to eat first at Yuzu Sushi + Robata Grill. This West Town restaurant turns food into art with jaw-dropping, intricate pictures painted with sauce. They don't just look good, they taste great, too.

Traditionally, sushi is simple: just fish, rice, wasabi and ginger. But sushi chefs at Yuzu show their creativity on their plates decorated with dragons, rainbows and even seahorses.

The chefs use different colored sauces like sriracha, wasabi mayo, and sweet soy sauce to create their art. And it's all made to order!

Yuzu Sushi + Robata Grill
1751 W. Chicago Avenue

Chicago, IL 60622
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