Celebrate the Three Kings Day with a French-Style pastry fit for a royal

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Wednesday, January 6, 2021
Galette de Rois: French-Style pastry fit for a royal
The elaborate and beautifully crafted pastry celebrates the Three Kings Day.

RIDGEWOOD, New Jersey -- The Galette des Rois, a French-style pastry that dates back to the 14th century, is a cake fit for a royal.

The elaborate and beautifully crafted pastry celebrates the Christian tradition of Epiphany, the day the Three Kings are believed to have visited baby Jesus.

"Every country has its own tradition and the history of our Galette des Rois comes from France," said Rutilio Olivero, Pastry chef at Sook Pastry.

The puff pastry filled with a creamy almond filling is baked throughout France every January and features a small trinket hidden inside the filling also known as a "feve".

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The lucky person who finds the "feve" in their slice, is crowned the king or queen for the day.

"Mexico has the same tradition which is very similar to the one in Southern France which is based on brioche. With the Galette des Rois, the look and taste are different," said Olivero.

The Galette des Rois, which takes approximately 2 days to complete, is part of a centuries' old tradition that Sook Pastry in Ridgewood, New Jersey is proud to be a part of as they bake this intricate dessert.

"Try this Galette des Rois because it will be a unique experience," said Olivero.


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