Wisconsin family gets early holiday present when soldier makes surprise visit from overseas | Video

Army Pvt. Tyrel Miller currently stationed in Germany

Sunday, December 19, 2021
WI family gets early present when soldier makes surprise visit | Video
One Green Bay, Wisconsin family got an early Christmas present when Army Pvt. Tyrel Miller made a surprise visit from his military post in Germany.

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Christmas came early for the miller family of Green Bay, Wisconsin Saturday.

That's because Army Pvt. Tyrel Miller made a surprise trip home for the holidays from being stationed overseas, WLUK reported.

"It gets hard," Miller said.

He hadn't seen his family since May.

"You're away from home, especially for every other holiday," Miller said.

But on Saturday, the Millers got an early Christmas gift.

After being stationed in Germany, Miller surprised his family.

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"I got all my kids under one roof again," said Michelle Miller, Tyrel Miller's mom.

She picked him up from the Appleton, Wisconsin airport Friday night.

She started planning the military homecoming nearly two months ago.

But getting the family together without suspicion wasn't easy.

"We were gonna go to South Carolina to see his graduation in January, so that's what today was about cause he was supposed to call us. That's what they thought," Michelle Miller said.

Tyrel Miller's uncle and fellow soldier, Don, called Saturday's surprise a blessing, not only for himself.

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"I've been in the military myself for 20 some years, and you see the uniform, right away you pick up on it, 'oh hey something special is happening,' right? And for us it was because he hadn't been home in a long time, so we're good for that," he said. "For his mom, especially, and for his aunts and nieces that are here."

Miller will be deployed again in January.

"You're missing the birthdays, everything and watching the family grow up. So that's like the hardest part," he said.

Still, the Millers said they'll enjoy the time they have together through the start of the New Year.

"Being here with the family is really good," he said.

Miller will be able to ring in the New Year with his family before he returns to duty in Germany.