Congressman Danny Davis endorsed by Biden as Kina Collins seeks to unseat him in 7th District race

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Tuesday, June 28, 2022
Davis endorsed by Biden as Collins seeks to unseat him in 7th District
In Illinois' 7th Congressional District, Danny Davis has been endorsed by President Biden in what could be a tough race, especially from Kina Collins.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- In the race for Illinois' 7th Congressional District, longtime incumbent Danny Davis has been endorsed by President Joe Biden in what could be a tough race, especially from Kina Collins, who is one of two Democratic challengers.

The 7th Congressional District covers parts of Cook County, including areas of Bellwood, Chicago, Forest Park, Oak Park, Maywood and Westchester.

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With 40,000 door knocks and a quarter million campaign calls, Kina Collins says she is Congressman Danny Davis' first serious challenger since the 80-year-old won his first seat in Congress in 1996.

"I've lived in this district my whole life and Congressman Davis has been my representative since I was 5 years old," Collins said. "It's time for generational change in district."

The 31-year-old progressive Democrat is hoping to unseat the longtime West Side Congressman in Illinois' 7th District. While Collins is running on a "time to pass the torch" theme, Davis says he remains physically and mentally fit to do the job - similar to the president who just endorsed him and others in top Washington leadership positions.

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"It's hard for me to figure out the rationale to say it's time for somebody to quit," Davis said.

Davis is also being challenged by another younger candidate, Denarvis Mendehall. But, it's Collins who has garnered national attention and money.

"I've out fundraised him 2 to 1," Collins said, "and I didn't take any corporation money or real estate money to do that."

Collins has raised enough to be Davis' first primary challenger to put TV ads on the air. Davis said her threat to him has been embellished and he questions her credentials as a former gun violence activist.

"Much of what I've heard from my opponent is really in her imagination," Davis said.

Davis is counting on voters who want a familiar face and steady leadership, while Collins is looking for voters who want change.

"We've raised the dollars, we've knocked the doors," Collins said. "We are ready for June 28th."

"I have a relationship with the community that I represent that no, no candidate in the race has," Davis said.

While the 7th District stretches into the suburbs, the heart remains on the West Side of Chicago, the lifelong homes to both Davis and Collins.

The 7th District is the most Democratic in the state, so whoever wins the primary is a shoe-in to win the November election.