Woman opens new store in Beverly after Bronzeville business burned to ground during 2020 protests

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Saturday, September 16, 2023
Woman opens new store after previous business destroyed in 2020 protests
Chella Holcomb is opened It's A Vibe clothing store in Beverly, Chicago after her Bronzeville business was destroyed during the George Floyd protests.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- There is a lot to do before the grand opening of It's A Vibe in Beverly this weekend.

This is the second store Chella Holcomb has opened.

"I wanted to have a touch of swag and have a real vibe," Holcomb said.

Her first store was Luv Handles party store in Bronzeville, where she grew up. A year after opening, it burned to the ground during the George Floyd police brutality protests.

Her store was not looted, but the store next to hers was. A fire there spread to her store, a business she had put everything into.

"I needed the time to just reset losing a business to a fire. People don't understand. It's like losing a person," Holcomb said.

Three years later, it is still painful, but she is grateful for another opportunity and is moving on. Now, she has a business plan, lots of research and better insurance.

Holcomb had hoped to reopen in Bronzeville, but she couldn't find the right fit.

Then, she found the spot in Beverly on 95th Street. But, Bronzeville is still on her mind.

"There's a future. Everybody just stay tuned, because it's just the beginning," Holcomb said.

The grand opening of It's A Vibe clothing store on Sunday is actually on Holcomb's birthday. Despite the challenges over the last three years, Holcomb said she has much to celebrate.