Guaranteed Rate is hiring throughout Chicago, nationally during pandemic

CHICAGO (WLS) -- One local company has hired thousands of people during the pandemic.

It's headquartered in Ravenswood, but Guaranteed Rate is hiring throughout Chicago, the state and the country right now.

"We've hired about 2,500 just this year and about 1,500 in just the last 90 days," said Guaranteed Rate's Steve Moffat.

Moffat said with interest rates low, demand has spiked for mortgage refinancing and loans, and they need people on every level.

"To hire the people required to process all those loans and bring folks back to work, we're grateful to be in that position," he said.

Caitlin Leak started work at Guaranteed Rate just six weeks ago in the midst of the pandemic.

"I never would have imagined changing jobs in the middle of the pandemic, but it was just such an amazing opportunity. I couldn't pass it up," she said.

Leak made the change along with hundreds of others.

"I just feel really incredibly blessed. I mean to have a job at all right now during these times is huge," she said.

The financial services industry has been able to weather the covid crisis because their products are in demand, whether it's insurance, a new line of credit, changes to your mortgage, or Payroll Protection loans keeping people at work.

"Bank accounts have been kept afloat with stimulus, rates are low incentivizing investment and products to be sold, and then thirdly, the government is creating an entirely new product for these banks to sell," said Andy Challenger, SVP at career transition firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas.

He said during this crisis, financial services are on solid footing. Which is why Dominic Tassi with Guaranteed Rate insurance says you can start working with stability.

"Someone could come in, start their career in a new industry, in a position that allows them to learn and develop the skills that they need to be successful, and then progress from within," he said.

Learn more about open positions on their website.
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