Mistakes people make when trying to get a new job

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Thursday, October 31, 2019
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Important tips for job seekers.

Can you guess what some of the "scariest" mistakes people make when they're trying to get a new job? Are you making them?

Senior Director at the LaSalle network, Jessica Schaeffer, joined ABC7 Chicago in the studio to tell us what those mistakes might be.

Here are the top 5 mistakes:

# 1: Skeletal resumes:

  • Sending a resume and cover letter that's bare-bones and generic is the fastest way to land in a hiring manager's "no" pile.
  • If you're sending generic materials, hiring managers can take that as a reflection of how you'll be on the job -- lazy.
  • # 2: Staying in the dark... you have to come into the light?

  • Regardless of your time spent in the workforce, you should be reaching out to industry professionals or employees of the companies you're applying to.
  • The point isn't to ask for a job, but rather learn more information about the company or about an industry you're looking to get into .
  • # 3: Being spooked by change?

  • Candidates pass up great opportunities because they have blinders on during the job hunt regarding a specific job type, title, pay, etc.
  • Take time to do some soul-searching and reflect on what makes you happy and what you are challenged by .
  • # 4: Can't do tricking and no treating?

  • Be honest and don't try and lie or exaggerate in an interview. Hiring managers will ask follow-up questions and if you say you can do something in an interview they will expect you to do that on the job - you're setting yourself up to fail if you're not honest.
  • # 5: Don't make the mistake of not getting into character?

  • You should research the role and be ready as if you're starting that day.
  • Picture yourself as already being a part of the team.
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