Val, Ryan talk about a marriage counselor on wives' top complaints, dating advice and new movies

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Friday, July 22, 2022
Windy City Weekend Host Chat: Wives' top complaints
This week on Windy City Weekend, Val and Ryan chat it up at the desk with some Host Chat topics.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- This week on Windy City Weekend, Val and Ryan chat it up at the desk with some Host Chat topics.

Woman sues man 10k for standing her up: First off, This woman is suing a man for $10,000 all because he stood her up on a date! Have you ever been stood up...or stood someone else up?

Marriage Counselors top complaints from wives: And, a marriage counselor in TikTok is spilling the tea on some of the top complaints from wives.

Dating Advice: People with 3 to 6 profile pics get 93% more matches: Finally, have you ever used a dating app and thought a match having only one profile pic was a little strange? Well, dating experts say having three to six profile pics can help you get more matches.


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Locavore Farm:

A first step to the "middle of nowhere," Locavore Farm invites guests to taste and experience the rural landscape through food, cocktails, music and community.

Chicago is a premiere food destination, but 43 miles south of downtown, a 103-foot table in Kankakee County is offering perhaps the truest version of farm-to-table dining.

"We harvest the food the week of the dinner, up until moments before the dinner," said Rachael Jones, co-owner of Locavore Farm. "All of the food we serve; the ingredients and pasteurized meats come from the land. "A small organic estate located in Grant Park, Locavore Farm hosts a four-hour, "Dine on the Land" experience where guests tour the homestead and eat of its bounty while enjoying live music. "We have stories about the ingredients, about the rural setting, and about the farmers, with each course so that everyone has an intimate knowledge of the food that they're experiencing," Rachael said.

Rachael's husband, Chris, is responsible for animals on the property and mans the barbecue trailer, where the meat and cornbread are smoked.

"So far I've raised about 600 chickens this year," said Chris Jones. "We do hogs, goat, and sheep. I do have a donkey but we don't eat him. He's protection for everything else."

"When guests arrive, they're greeted with an amuse-bouche and then walk to a bar in a barn for an alcoholic beverage. A tour of the farm's growing beds, animal enclosures, and lodging takes place before a multicourse meal on a pasture begins.

"For many people it's an opportunity to slow down and celebrate the good things together," Rachael said. "People are pursuing an experience in wide, open spaces. "The Jones' were drawn to Kankakee County because of the rural setting and because they wanted more control over the food they were eating. "Initially, we didn't like where our food was coming from and what was being sprayed on our food," Chris said. "So, we decided we got to do our own thing. "

Rachael said eating local is important because it's fresh, healthy, uses less fossil fuels in transport, and it boosts the local economy. "Our dollars are staying within the farming community when we grow, purchase, and consume the food in the same proximity," says Rachael. For more information on Locavore Farm and the experiences they offer, visit

Spend Or Save

Here's what to spend your money on this weekend.

"Nope" - SPEND

"Nope" is Jordan Peele's third newest thriller about two siblings played by Keke Palmer and Daniel Kaluuya who receive strange visitors at their family farm.

Alone Together" - SPEND

Katie Holmes, wrote, directed and starred in this romantic story about two people who accidentally rent the same Airbnb during the early days of the COVID pandemic.

"The Day the Music Died" - SPEND

A Paramount + documentary about the legacy of one of the best-selling singles of all time, Don McLean's "American Pie.

"The Last Movie Stars" - SPEND

Ethan Hawke, George Clooney and Laura Linney collaborate on a six-part documentary about the great movie stars Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward.