Arson investigation: Contractors rescue child, woman and dog from Michigan City, Indiana house fire

ByMaher Kawash WLS logo
Wednesday, May 24, 2023
Contractors rescue child, woman, dog from IN fire; arson suspected
Contractors rescued a child, woman and dog from a Michigan City, Indiana house fire. The police department is conducting an arson investigation.

MICHIGAN CITY, Ind. (WLS) -- A routine morning quickly turned into a heroic one on Wednesday for a few contractors in Michigan City, Indiana after a fire broke out.

It was the perfect example of people being in the right place at the right time. Contractors laid down concrete just two houses down from the fire, and immediately jumped into action to save lives when they saw the blaze break out.

A shatter of some glass and a blast of smoke from a trailer sent them sprinting into action.

"There's nothing worse than seeing a little boy on the other side of a window in a burning building," said Jonathan Steinman with RES repairs.

As the men quickly tried to help, a sense of panic rushed in while they realized a woman, 77, and a little boy, 4, were inside.

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"We were looking in, and we busted out some windows," said Pat O'Brien with Strictly Concrete. "I kicked out the back door, and I looked down if I could see any movement down there."

Michigan City police confirmed the boy and woman are expected to be okay, and a dog was also saved in the fire, which police believe was intentionally set.

"It's a blessing that they're okay. The grandma, I think, is going to survive, and the little boy was in shock for a while," O'Brien said.

Caleb Doolin relieved to hear his next-door neighbors are okay, considering the shocking scene he woke up to.

"The middle window right there was engulfed in flames, and I saw my neighbor next door. He was using our water hose trying to get the water out a little bit," Doolin said.

The home is now boarded up, and the victims still recovering. The heroes are now left with a lasting memory of that chaotic morning.

"That was intense. That was a morning nobody could ever forget," Steinman said.

Police said the arson investigation is ongoing, and they're asking anyone who may have seen something suspicious to give them a call.