Woman struck by stray bullet, man wounded in Rogers Park shooting

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A 64-year-old woman was struck by a stray bullet in her North Side home in a shooting that left a 42-year-old man wounded early Friday morning.

The man was standing in an alley in the 1600-block of West Jonquil Terrace in Chicago's Rogers Park neighborhood around 12:40 a.m. when police said someone walked up to him and opened fire. A woman who called 911 said the shots kept coming.

"I counted 14 before I started calling 911. The shots were still going on as I was calling 911," she said.

The bullets shattered the glass in cars nearby. LaTonya Rogers, who lives nearby, said she heard the gunfire and ran to a car to take shelter.

"When he came, he didn't let go. He shot, he shot, he shot. He got even closer up on us while he was still shooting," she said.

A bullet flew through the window of Rosie Logan's apartment and struck her in the arm. She was transported to St. Francis Hospital, where her condition stabilized. The bullet became lodged. Doctors decided it was best to keep the bullet in her body, because trying to take it out would have caused more damage.

Deetra Logan, the victim's daughter, said she couldn't believe her mother was shot while sitting in bed.

"She's okay. A little shaken up. Just still upset because they couldn't take the bullet out. It's something she has to live with for the rest of her life. Not being a part of the streets and having to deal with something like that, it's a big issue," Deetra Logan said.

The male victim was shot once in the back and twice in the buttocks. He was also transported to St. Francis Hospital, where his condition stabilized. His brother said a bullet was lodged near his spine, but he is expected to recover.

A weapon was recovered at the scene. Police said the person they have in custody may be the shooter. Charges are pending.

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