New Pringles flavors: Kellogg's joins chicken sandwich wars with unique chip flavor

Wendy's and Pringles will compete against likes of Popeye's

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Friday, May 21, 2021
Pringles joins chicken sandwich wars with new flavor
Too far? Try these new spicy Pringles, with a hint of - chicken sandwich?

Move over, Popeye's; step aside, Chick-fil-A. Make way for a new entrant into the chicken sandwich wars -- Kellogg's!

No, there's not a new chicken-sandwich-flavored breakfast cereal: Sorry to disappoint.

Kellogg's also owns Pringles, and it's adding that flavor, with an extra spicy kick, in partnership with Wendy's to promote its spicy chicken sandwich, CNN reported.

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The new chips will only be available for a limited time, starting in June.

And here's something that might grab your attention: People who buy a can will also get a code for a free spicy chicken sandwich.

That can be a pretty good deal, even if you toss that can directly in the trash!