New Rainbow PUSH president hopes to mobilize voters in light of recent Supreme Court decisions

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Tuesday, July 18, 2023
Rainbow PUSH pres. hopes to mobilize voters amid recent SCOTUS rulings
Rainbow PUSH Coalition Pres. Frederick Haynes plans on continuing Rev. Jesse Jackson's voter registration efforts amid recent Supreme Court rulings.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The transition at Rainbow PUSH is an historic one.

On Tuesday, the new head of the longtime civil rights organization took questions at a press conference after first acknowledging the legacy of Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr., who founded the organization.

"Jesse Jackson has been for us, and continues to be for us, a North Star for freedom and justice," said new Rainbow PUSH President Dr. Rev. Frederick Haynes III.

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Haynes said he will remain in Texas, which will become one of several hubs for the organization. He plans to continue Jackson's work by mobilizing more voters in light of recent Supreme Court decisions.

"The ground game will be to pick up where the reverend left off: a massive voter registration campaign," Haynes said.

Jackson spoke of this moment as a pivot for him after more than 50 years leading the organization and fighting for civil rights around the world.

"I can no longer do it as I see it. I want to pivot to a new platform," Jackson said.

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Mayor Brandon Johnson praised Jackson and credited his work for paving the way for him to become mayor.

"The prophetic mantle you wore with bravery that all of the turmoil, all of the rejection, you never allowed a loss to be a defeat," Johnson said.

The annual Rainbow PUSH convention concludes on Wednesday, but its mission is ongoing, now with new leadership.