Author Reza Aslan explores world religions in CNN series 'Believer'

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017
Author Reza Aslan explores religion in CNN series
Reza Aslan's CNN series "Believer" starts March 5.

CNN host and author Reza Aslan stopped by to tell us about his new spiritual travel series "Believer."

"Believer" is a documentary series that follows Aslan as he experiences various religious traditions all over the world. Instead of just observing, Aslan immerses himself in customs and faith rituals around the globe, exploring 6 religions: Ultra-Orthodox Judaism in Israel, Scientology in the U.S., Hindu asceticism in India, Vodou in Haiti, Santa Muerte in Mexico, and an apocalyptic doomsday cult in Hawaii.

"Believer" premieres March 5 on CNN.