Newborn left in Safe Haven Baby Box installed last month in Crown Point, Indiana

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Saturday, December 7, 2019
Safe Haven Baby Box unveiled at Crown Point, Ind. fire station
The 19th Safe Haven Baby Box located in the state of Indiana was unveiled Friday at a fire station in Crown Point.

CROWN POINT, Ind. (WLS) -- A healthy newborn baby was surrendered safely into a Safe Haven Baby Box that was installed last month at a fire station in Crown Point, Indiana.

The infant was immediately taken to a local hospital, officials said.

The Safe Haven Baby Box was installed November 1 on the north side of the Crown Point Fire Department fire station located at 126 N. East St.

This fire station's location was chosen because it's adjacent to I-65, and for the level of anonymity it provides.

This is the fourth baby surrendered in a baby box in the past two years and the second to be surrendered in the past 91 days, according to Monica Kelsey, CEO and founder of Safe Haven Baby Boxes.

"This box represents no shame, no blame and no names," Kelsey said.

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Kelsey was surrendered at a hospital two hours after she was born by her birth mother. That's why her life's work is dedicated to help mothers like her own.

"I was one of the lucky ones I was saved, so this is very important to me to give moms another option," Kelsey said.

Kelsey, alongside the Crown Point Mayor David Uran and the Crown Point Fire Department, said baby boxes protect the infants whose mothers can't care for them.

"If Crown Point can play a part in anybody life that hears this message that you're going to be broadcasting here today, then it was worth the installation," Uran said.

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Indiana's Safe Haven Law allows people to take newborn babies to any hospital emergency room, police station or fire station without any questions asked and no risk of arrest or prosecution.

The box is designed to set off an alarm at a fire station or hospital to alert first responders.

"Once the mom shuts the door, the door will no longer open until we clear the alarm, so that no one in the meantime can take that infant out," said Crown Point Fire Chief Dave Crane. "When she opens the door there's a pamphlet that drops out and gives her information and gives her more choices and avenues for help."

The latest installation in Crown Point was made possible by an anonymous donor. This was the very first box installed at a fire station in Lake County, Ind. It's also the first box installed with bilingual instructions.

The box in Crown Point is the 19th Safe Haven Baby Box located in the state of Indiana.