'Nowhere to go for safety': Skokie family stuck in Afghanistan as Taliban regains control

SKOKIE, Ill. (WLS) -- A Skokie father is pleading for the return of his family as he tries to bring them back home from Afghanistan.

"I am speaking on behalf of my wife and kids. My family -- they are stranded. They need desperate help," said the father, who only wanted to be identified as Ali for safety reasons.

On Sunday, the Taliban swept into the country after the government collapsed.

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Now, Ali, who was born in Afghanistan, said his family is seeing heavily armed Taliban fighters flooding the streets of Kabul.

"Please help them," he pleaded.

His wife and three young kids went to visit family in Afghanistan back in June and were set to come home in the next few weeks.

"Right now, our whole country is being taken over by the Taliban,' he described.

Videos shared by Ali's family members show what it looks like right now near the capital city.

Ali translates as the man who is heard talking in that video describes the scene.

"Everyone is running for their lives. They may find nowhere to go for safety," he said.

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Ali said his family is currently hiding out.

His kids were born in the U.S. and he said they do not understand what the Taliban are capable of.

"Everything is out of control," Ali said.

He said they are avoiding the roadblocks and the fact they are U.S. citizens.

"Since they are U.S. citizens, the only documentation that they have is their passports, which makes it even more dangerous and even more harmful," Ali said.

The U.S. is working to evacuate thousands of American citizens who are in the country as they work to secure the airport in Kabul and take over air traffic control.

"I am just worried because there is no way for me to reach them or help them," Ali said.
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