Classmates, coaches stunned after 4 North Carolina high schoolers killed in crash: 'Unimaginable'

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Wednesday, January 24, 2024
Vigil planned for Johnston County students killed in car crash
The campus of Smithfield-Selma High School in Johnston County is continuing to mourn after four students were killed in a tragic car crash Monday.

JOHNSTON COUNTY, N.C. -- The campus community of Smithfield-Selma High School in Johnston County, North Carolina is continuing to mourn after four students were killed in a tragic car crash early Monday morning.

According to North Carolina State Highway Patrol, 17-year-old Alan Lockamy was behind the wheel of a Kia on I-95 northbound with passengers Chris Jackson Jr. (17), Freddy Seras (17) and Semaj Williams (16).

Top row left to right: Chris Jackson Jr., Semaj Williams | Bottom row left to right: Freddy Seras, Alan Lockamy

Troopers said they clocked Lockamy traveling over 100 miles per hour. The trooper attempted to catch up to Lockamy's vehicle, but was not able to. A short distance away, the trooper saw Lockamy's car had collided with a tree and the backseat passengers ejected.

The sudden deaths sent shockwaves through Smithfield-Selma High School where the four teens went to school.

"Alan was my friend. We used to always Snapchat," one of his friends told ABC11.

According to students, there is a memorial on campus for the four victims as the student body mourns the tragic loss.

A youth track coach for Williams weighed in Tuesday about the loss of his athlete.

Desmond Kennedy, a coach for Elite Express TF, told ABC11 that Williams aspired to be an Olympic athlete and college and NFL player.

"He had dreams and aspirations and that's what we trying to help him with and get him to that point," Kennedy said.

The vehicle was clocked on radar going 104 mph before losing control on an exit ramp.

"We always tell our kids you have to make good choices. You got to look at who you hang with. You got to look at where you are at," said Kennedy of the crash. "Just explain to're in a position now in sports, and in high school to make those decisions and you have to make sure you're making the right ones."

Smithfield-Selma High School Principal Crystal Gregory called the loss "unimaginable."

Both Williams and Jackson were members of the Joco Arsenal Youth Athletic Association. Chris Williams, who is a representative of the league and unrelated to Semaj Williams, referred to both boys as 'wonderful' with a 'bright future."

"They will be greatly missed. It's a great big blow to the community," he said. "The outreach is phenomenal and they touched a lot of people's lives."

Wednesday evening, the high school plans to hold a remembrance vigil for the students, and another student who passed away late last year.

The vigil will be held on the school's football field.

Funeral arrangements for all four boys are still being finalized.