Beverly woman's organization supplies feminine care products for homeless women

Two years ago, a Chicago woman was inspired to help homeless woman after reading an article about how they needed feminine care products.

"I had never thought of it, never dawned on me never crossed my mind to think that there are women out here that go each month," said Jesseca Rhymes, who started the Never Go Without organization.

Rhymes, of the Beverly neighborhood, is trying to create awareness about the needs of homeless women and girls in Chicago.

"To me, I just couldn't imagine doing that every month. So I just thought I had to fill the void for the women out there who were struggling to get the supplies they needed," Rhymes said.

It began with recruiting family and friends to donate and has already grown to having a store closet of supplies at the Beverly Area Planning Association. Enough supplies to meet every woman's preference and needs.

"You know everybody likes different stuff during that time of the month. It's nice to have a variety you can choose from instead of just what's provided," Rhymes said.

Rhymes hopes to start collecting supplies quarterly and donating to local shelters. So what began as just a passion project continues to grow.

"To be honest, I never thought it would have gotten to this level of gone this far. I just want to really continue to be a blessing to as many people as possible. I want to continue to reach as many people and raise more awareness so that people realize that this is a need," she said.

Rhymes is working to obtain 501(c)(3) status for Never Go Without.

For more information about donations to Never Go Without, visit
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