Expert shares kitchen products, tips to get ready for summer

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Sunday, May 23, 2021
Use kitchen products to get ready for summer, expert says
An expert showed how you can use kitchen products to get yourself ready for summer.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Getting yourself ready for summer can be as easy as heading into your kitchen.

Irene Michaels is an actress, model, and has her own skincare line. The Chicagoan also wrote the book "I on Beauty-- Living Beautifully & Luxuriously Beyond 50."

In her book, she talks about the "Miracle of Mayonnaise." She says its good for dry scalp relief, as a fingernail strengthener, or to moisturize elbows and knees.

As for olive oil, she said it's great for your hair, face, nails and skin.

She recommends using sesame oil to help exfoliate, moisturize, and give yourself a great glow.

When it comes to sugar, she said eating it can cause wrinkles and sagging skin, but she said it's an excellent scrub!