World Cup chat with 'Teddy Goalsevelt'

Thursday, June 26, 2014
Chatting with 'Teddy Goalsevelt'
Mike D'Amico talks to ABC7 from Brazil the World Cup and his popular Teddy Roosevelt costume.

CHICAGO -- Mike D'Amico is a die-hard soccer fan, living and working in Chicago. When he decided to travel to Brazil to attend the World Cup, he also decided to bring a costume to help cheer on the USA. Inspired by other soccer fans dressed as aviators and American revolutionaries, he decided to dress as Teddy Roosevelt.

Sunday, ESPN showed a shot of D'Amico in full costume screaming when the U.S. scored its first goal against Portugal. Suddenly he was all over Twitter. Then he was featured by Yahoo Sports and He says he is constantly stopped by fans from around the world wanting to take pictures of him in his Teddy Roosevelt costume.

D'Amico will be at the game against Germany Thursday, outfitted as Teddy Goalsevelt and screaming at the top of his lungs.