'Bachelorette' Tayshia makes some early connections, update on Clare and Dale

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Wednesday, November 11, 2020
Tayshia and Brendan bond over their divorces
Tayshia and Brendon make a connection on "The Bachelorette."

NEW YORK -- This week's episode started off with Tayshia making her grand entrance as the new "Bachelorette." The men were taken aback at how beautiful she was. It was such a different way for a "Bachelorette" to meet her suitors. She just walked in the room, gave them all hugs, made a toast, and kicked off a long night of first conversations.

Some of the guys commented that Tayshia was a bit of an upgrade, partially because Tayshia is younger and closer in age to many of them. Jason told Tayshia that he had feelings for Clare after their one-on-one date and he's still getting over those feelings. He told her that he's there for the right reasons and he takes the process seriously. Most were just happy to get a real fresh start without having to compete against Dale.

New Men Arrive

Chris Harrison interrupted the night to pull Tayshia aside and show her that there was a limo full of men arriving. These were guys that were there just for her. The men inside were really bummed out that more competition had arrived.

- Spencer is a 30-year-old water treatment engineer from California and he said that getting to be there was a pleasant surprise. Tayshia thought he was hot, hot, hot.

- Montel is a 30-year-old gym owner from Boston. He told her that he was just excited to be there based on the little bit he had heard.

- Peter is a 32-year-old real estate agent from Massachusetts.

- Noah is a 25-year-old travel nurse from Tulsa, Oklahoma. He had a stethoscope that he let her listen to his heart beating so she knew where it was from the start. He turned around for one last look and she loved that.

Cocktail Party

So just four new arrivals, and you could bet the old-timers were gunning for the newbies. Tayshia told the guys she wasn't expecting any of this and before she could say anything else, Spencer stole her away to talk. They talked about the beach and Tayshia found him really charming. She said he was the kind of guy that she would "go after."

Chris Harrison dropped off the first impression rose and the tension escalated. Zac called her a breath of fresh air, gave her a penny to make a wish, and they vowed to someday tell each other what the wish was. Noah revealed that he's one of 11 and that he also has a twin brother! That's an interesting fact. Ben and Tayshia asked her to dance to no music, but it was really sweet.

Tayshia picked up the first impression rose and asked Spencer to go talk. She told him that her heart skipped a beat when he got out of the limo. He was really happy with that and accepted the rose and took that opportunity to go in for the kiss! They could be cute together!

That was the end of the cocktail party, it was time for Tayshia to have her first rose ceremony, but she canceled it! Being that there were fewer men there than normal, there was no need to get rid of anyone. It's actually nice that she'll have some more time to get to know them.

Clare and Dale Update

The show was then interrupted for an update on Clare and Dale's relationship, and to address some rumors. Clare says that things couldn't be better with Dale. They really are happy and in love! Dale said that Clare always shows up for him just like she always says he does for her. They both found everything they've always wanted in each other. Clare cried as she said she knows her dad would be so happy that she found love and is taken care of.

Clare said it hurt her feelings that people in Bachelor Nation thought that she and Dale's love story was too good to be true and not genuine. Dale and Clare said that they never lied, they 100% never spoke to each other or contacted each other before the show. Clare joked that Dale was leaving to go home after they were engaged and had to ask her for her phone number. She said that she did follow the men on social media before the show and she did like seeing his posts. That's where she first saw how sensitive and open he is. "I love her with every ounce of my being," Dale said. Clare blurted out that they would be working on having babies...Dale didn't quite confirm it. You could kind of get the feeling that he wants to get married first, but at the same time, he didn't say no!

Tayshia's First Group Date

Now back to Tayshia's journey. Chris Harrison visited the 20 men to drop off a date card, which read, "Blake, Riley, Zach, Jordan, Noah, Peter, Kenny, Jay, Eazy, Spencer: Here's to a second shot at love." The guys on this group date met her out by the pool. She emerged from the water to start their date. They played around in the pool for a while, and then Chris Harrison told them they'd be competing at "Splash Ball" for time with Tayshia.

The men donned speedos and headbands for the big game. Spencer was a little aggressive during the game and Riley ended up smacking him in the face at once point. He was bleeding from his mouth, but he was OK. The blue team with Spencer beat the green team. The blue team got to have a little extra BBQ time, but the green team would be back for the later portion of the date.

Jason Has Doubts

Back with the men not on the date, Jason feels like he's not ready to date another woman just yet. He's not over Clare. Another date card arrived and it read, "Brendan, Let's start our journey to fall in love."

2nd Half of Group Date

It was time for the second half of the group date and the green team was back. So Tayshia had to have some important conversations with all 10 of them. Eazy and Tayshia seemed to have some chemistry right off the bat. He told her he feels like he just met his wife. She kissed Zac though, she said he seems like a "man's man."

Tayshia makes some early connections with some of the men on her first week as 'The Bachelorette."

Kenny told Spencer that he comes off like a "bleep." Zac said he was stirring things up. Spencer said that he's not there to make enemies but his primary objective is Tayshia. He feels like he's being targeted because he got the first impression rose. When Tayshia had some time alone with him, she gave him some ice for his lip. He gave her a side kiss because his lip hurt! At the end of the evening, she gave the group date rose to Eazy.

Jason Leaves

Jason told the other guys that he was ready to leave because it wasn't fair that he wasn't all in on the relationship with Tayshia. He sat there and cried because it was just emotional for him. He can't get over his feelings for Clare. He said he just needs some time. Tayshia thanked him and asked him if he would reconsider, but he said in his heart he has nothing to give. He told her that the other guys are invested in her and she shouldn't worry about it. Tayshia said that she understood, but she wished that she could have gotten to know him.

Brendan's One-on-One with Tayshia

The next day, Tayshia showed up where the guys were hanging out by the pool riding a horse and pulling a horse behind hers. She called Brendan over to saddle up and go horseback riding with her. They rode up to Chris Harrison where he poured them a margarita. Chris then took off on a scooter to give them some ice cream. Brendan felt like Chris was interrupting all of their moments. The next time, he gave them coconut drinks. Later, they had some fun in the pool and kissed! "I'm telling you right now, Brendan is everything!" she said.

Later at dinner, Brendan was nervous to tell Tayshia that he had been married before and was divorced. But, spoiler alert, Tayshia was married before too. He said that he and his ex fell out of love with each other. They tried to stay together by going to counseling, but it didn't work out. His family couldn't understand why he would get divorced over nothing. His ex didn't want kids and that ended up being the deal-breaker for him. Tayshia said her divorce was due to infidelity on his part, but she totally understands part of what he went through. She said that she wants five kids! He's onboard. With that, she offered him the date rose and he accepted.

Next week, the journey continues!

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