This 'reverse sear' cooking tip will help you save time during the holidays

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Tuesday, December 13, 2016
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"The Chew" explains how to perform the "reverse sear," keeping your food delicious and helping you save time in the process.

Save some time while cooking this holiday season with this helpful tip.

Michael Symon and Clinton Kelly from ABC's The Chew demonstrate a cooking tip called the "reverse sear."

"Set an oven to a lower temperature like 225 degrees," Symon explains. "You take your beef or whatever you're roasting, season it liberally, put it over some of your favorite herbs, put it in that 225 degree oven until it gets to about 10-15 degrees below where you want it to end up."

Take your food out of the oven to let it rest. When you're ready to finish cooking, put a little olive oil on your food and then sear it on all good sides for a delicious, time-saving dish.