Freddie Highmore, Christina Chang talk about season 4 finale of 'The Good Doctor'

ByJennifer Matarese OTRC logo
Friday, June 4, 2021
Freddie Highmore, Christina Chang talk 'The Good Doctor' season 4 finale
Jennifer Matarese interviews Freddie Highmore and Christina Chang about the season 4 finale of "The Good Doctor."

NEW YORK -- Part two of the season four finale of "The Good Doctor" wraps up in Guatemala, but we'll have to wait until next season to find out the conclusion of some big cliffhangers.

Among them, where do Dr. Shaun Murphy and Lea stand after the tragic loss of their pregnancy?

"Hopefully it's something that feels true and meaningful and important," said Freddie Highmore, "Dr. Shaun Murphy."

While in Guatemala, Dr. Murphy has to perform a risky surgery on a patient without electricity when the power suddenly cuts out.

"It has been really exciting to explore this world in the past couple of episodes," Highmore said.

Meantime, things are continuing to heat up between Dr. Audrey Lim and Dr. Mateo Rendon Osma.

They have to work together on a complicated surgery, also during the blackout, and find their relationship deepens.

"We definitely see Lim enjoy Mateo in the season finale, and that's about all I can say," said Christina Chang, "Dr. Audrey Lim." "But, he's in Guatemala and what can they do?"

So who will stay together and make it back to St. Bonaventure Hospital for season 5? The stars say we'll have to stay tuned.

"They want to know, but they (the fans) don't actually want me to tell them before they watch the episode, otherwise it will spoil it completely!" Highmore said.

Don't miss the season 4 finale of "The Good Doctor" at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.