'The One and Only Ivan' stars Sam Rockwell, Danny DeVito, Helen Mirren talk new movie

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Ivan the silverback stars in a shopping mall show, far from his home in the wild where he was captured as a baby.

Sam Rockwell voices the creature who's discovering his artistic flair-and a yearning to be free.

"Actually, the first movie I ever saw was King Kong, and the second and the third King Kong remakes especially, have a kind of a take care of animals sentiment," Rockwell said.

Helen Mirren gives voice to Snickers, a poodle with attitude!

"Originally I wanted to play it with a really bad french accent, she was pretending to be very very French, she wasn't French at all," Mirren said.

Ivan's sidekick is a pooch named "Bob" who sounds just like Danny DeVito!

"I actually always wanted to play a dog. I like playing dogs, in fact, I act like a dog most of the time," DeVito joked.

"I wanted a love interest in the movie and when I heard that Helen was going to be the poodle, I've always had a crush on her," DeVito said. "Ivan has got this sweet, soft belly that I love curling up on."

"The One and Only Ivan" is streaming now on Disney Plus.
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