Trish's Mini Donuts at Pier 39 brings the carnival to San Francisco

ByVictoria Vallecorse Localish logo
Tuesday, February 14, 2023
Here's where to eat mini donuts in a bathtub
For over 30 years, Trish Conklin has translated her love for all things sweet into sugar-coated mini donuts that bring the carnival to San Francisco.

SAN FRANCISCO -- Having lived under a rollercoaster while traveling with her family's amusement corporation, Conklin Shows, Trish Conklin knows a thing or two about carnival food.

For over 30 years, Conklin has translated her upbringing and love for all things sweet into sugar-coated mini donuts that bring the carnival to San Francisco.

Located at Pier 39, Trish's Mini Donuts doles out donuts by the bag and bucket - even bathtub-sized portions. Yes, you read that right.

"I own this fantastic tub, and someone came up with the idea, 'why don't we just fill that full of donuts and you get in it," described Conklin. "So, we made 5,000 donuts, and we took photos of me in the tub."

The idea turned into an opportunity to house 120 mini donuts in a small tub for guests to graze on!

The donuts are served plain or with a cinnamon toast crunch-like exterior, inside find fluffiness that calls to mind a funnel cake. Always served hot and fresh, customers are obsessed with the mini delights.

"We have visitors come back and back," expressed owner Trish Conklin. "As a matter of fact, a gal from Australia is so in love with the donuts, she got a tattoo of our logo on her thigh."

Conklin cranks up the sweetness by offering a chocolate-dipped version of the iconic mini donut just steps away from Trish's Mini Donuts.

"So many people requested, 'can we get them other ways, can we get them chocolate dipped,'" said Conklin. "I took over a store here at Pier 39, now called Trish's Chocolate and that's where we specialize in chocolate dipping them."

A trip to Pier 39 wouldn't be complete without grabbing mini donuts in various flavors.

"What I really love to hear is 'I love your donuts, I've grown up with your donuts, every time I'm in San Francisco, I come for your donuts, it keeps me going," said Conklin.

You can also get Trish's Mini Donuts at your next event with a variety of catering options. Visit here for more information.

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