From The 'Go Fest on Saturday at the DuSable Museum

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Friday, July 28, 2023
From The 'Go Fest is this weekend
True Star Media is bringing back From the 'Go Fest this weekend.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- True Star Media is bringing back From the 'Go Fest this weekend.

It's all about celebrating young people and their ideas.

"Two of our students, three years ago, came to us with this idea," said DeAnna McLeary, True Star Media Co-Founder. "They wanted to do a festival that was all about creating safe spaces."

True Star Media works to help underserved youth. It started as an after-school journalism program.

"It started because we realized there were young people who couldn't string together sentences and we wanted to do something to help the," said Na-Tae' Thompson, True Star Media Co-Founder.

Since the program started in 2004, it's grown. Now students have summer jobs in journalism, digital media, podcasts and so much more.

Miles Guichard is a True Star Filmmaker.

"It starts out as a competition," said Guichard. "We all have to come up with an idea to create a screenplay that delivers a distinct message."

Students get coaching on how to make their film happen.

Championing the ideas of young people is also how From the 'Go Fest exists.

You can get tickets to attend the free event here.