Community groups work to find long-term solutions for unity between Black and brown Chicagoans

Community groups in Chicago created Two-Thirds United in an effort to build unity between Black and brown residents.

"When you look at who we are, Latinos and African Americans make a two thirds majority of the Chicago population, and from that was recommended let's become 'Two-thirds United,'" said Marty Castro, Casa Central President & CEO.

After the tension that arose between the two communities during the unrest following the killing of George Floyd, Casa Central President & CEO Marty Castro reached out to The Chicago Community Trust for help finding long term solutions. The Chicago Community Trust has awarded funding to Two-Thirds United to promote unity and collaboration.

"We are working together and any efforts to divide us are misplaced. You should work with us," said Karen Freeman-Wilson, Chicago Urban League President & CEO.

"We haven't had the time and the resources and the space to have some of the tough conversations that we need to have," said Helene Gayle, The Chicago Community Trust President & CEO.

Two-Thirds United plans on giving out $25,000 in micro grants next month to fund programs that encourage dialogue. The chairs of the group say this is just the beginning of their efforts to strengthen ties between the Black & Latino communities.

Two-Thirds United hopes these conversations lead to developing a policy agenda around issues impacting both communities.
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