University of Chicago delays start of winter quarter amid COVID-19 surge

Remote-only instruction for 1st 2 weeks of quarter
CHICAGO -- The University of Chicago announced it's delaying the start of its winter quarter due to the increase in COVID-19 cases.

In a Thursday tweet, the university said winter quarter classes for most schools and divisions will now begin on Jan. 10 and move to remote-only instruction for the first two weeks of the quarter.

In-person instruction resumes on Jan. 24.

"Delaying the start of the quarter and moving to remote-only instruction for two weeks should allow us to get past the peak of Omicron infections," the university said in an announcement to students.

The change should also make it easier for community members infected with the coronavirus during the anticipated peak period to stay home, the provost's office said.

The provost's office encouraged undergraduate students living in residence halls to delay their return to campus until at least Jan. 20, ten days into the quarter and four days before an anticipated return to in-person instruction. The university also delayed its COVID-19 booster shot requirement deadline to Jan. 24 to align with the beginning of in-person classes.

Likely high COVID-19 case counts among employees and a projected mid-January infection peak contributed to the university's decision to delay instruction, the provost's office said. The office also cited elevated pressure on the school's contact tracing program, testing and isolation housing.

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