Chicago mail problems mount, US lawmakers get involved

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Serious mail problems persist in some areas of the city. Residents complain of lost mail or major delays. Now local U.S. lawmakers are getting involved to try and solve the problem.

Lorraine Sardin said she hasn't received mail in two weeks and the wait for her social security and stimulus checks is almost unbearable.

"That's how I pay my carrying charges, my lights, gas, you know. Things like that. And that keeps me going. And for me not to get it is drastic for me," Sardin said.

Sardin said she's gone to the post office at 77th and Cottage Grove with no help from workers inside. About 15 minutes away in South Shore, Izella Jones is dealing with a similar issue,

"It's been three weeks since the last time I got some mail," Jones said.

Jones said she's losing faith in a fundamental American institution.

"My father was a postal service worker for 42 years," Jones said. "I always respected the United States post office, but now, it's put a damper on things. I have no respect for the post office anymore."

And these mail problems aren't just happening on the South Side. ABC7 is getting complaints from across the Chicago area.

Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky is now getting involved, and said former President Trump and his Postmaster General Louis DeJoy are partially to blame.

"(Louis DeJoy has done things) that has actually slowed down the mail, taking away some of the equipment that actually helps you sort and count the mail." Schakowsky said.

Schakowsky added her colleagues have written to President Biden about methods of replacing the current Postmaster General, and her staff is reaching out to the Chicago Postmaster about slow spots.

For its part, in a statement to ABC 7, USPS apologized for the inconvenience, blaming COVID-19, weather conditions, and short staff, although a cursory search on the USPS website shows no or few Chicago jobs open. Residents are still left waiting.

"I want to get my mail daily like everybody else," Sardin said.
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