Honoring Veterans through taps tribute

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Tuesday, November 10, 2020
Honoring Veterans through taps tribute
From Memorial Day to Veterans Day, Jim Heisler plays the taps each night at sunset.

A longtime downtown Crystal Lake shoe store owner has been honoring veterans each night from his yard by playing taps.

"I have done it every day, every sunset since Memorial Day evening," said Jim Heisler, the owner of Heisler's Bootery.

"He has played in all kinds of weather, nothing has stopped him. He hasn't missed a night," said Heisler's wife Rebecca.

The moving tribute is his way of paying respect to our nation's veterans.

"He was afraid that the neighbors would be offended, too much noise or something like that," Rebecca said.

However, it turns out that Heisler's nightly gesture in his yard was just what his neighbors needed.

Heisler will be out with his trumpet at sundown through Veteran's Day.

It's going to be an emotional final night for the Heislers and their neighbors.

"We will miss it. Maybe he will do it again next year," Beverly said.