If you are looking for a 'sweet pick' visit this vintage market in Petaluma

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Wednesday, May 8, 2024
If you are looking for a 'sweet pick' visit this vintage market
Petaluma's Sweet Pick'n Vintage Market, a unique marketplace, offers visitors a wide array of curated, antiques and vintage collectibles.

PETALUMA, Calif. -- On the third Sunday of the every month, the Petaluma Veterans Memorial Hall hosts the Sweet Pick'n Vintage Market, a collector's dreamland.

"We have a passion for antiques and for vintage collectibles," Sweet Pick'n founder Scott Rose shares, "we really wanted to create a space where other collectors could come and find really sweet picks."

In theory, every attendee comes to an event looking for that "sweet pick."

"That basically means that you found something that you were really happy about, something that you've never seen before or that you've been dying to find your whole life and it's here," Rose explains.

The market boasts more than 60 vendors offering a wide array of different items.

"Ephemera, rock posters and rock t-shirts," Rose recounts, "the vintage toys and vintage records are all really hot right now."

"We are selling nostalgia. We're bringing the past to the present and that's what people are looking for," Clutts Co. co-founder owner David Mason reveals.

"There's something about objects from our childhood, a time that we may think back on fondly and when we connect to an object that reminds us of a better time in our lives, it can really be impactful," Rose says.

The market has both indoor and outdoor shopping areas.

"The inside market is kind of geared towards records and toys, comics, trading cards and baseball card," Mason reveals, "almost like a vintage comic con."

The outside market offers more classic antiques like jewelry, vintage concert shirts, restored 100-year-old skillets, and even an antiquities dealer.

"They walk by and they say: 'Oh. This looks like a museum,'" North American Artifacts dealer Mark Mackie confesses, "I like to collect history, world antiquities."

Items at his space date back anywhere from thousands of years to the present.

With food onsite, free parking and a $2 admission, the event is something people of all ages can enjoy.

"It's a beautiful way to spend a Sunday afternoon," dealer Bradley Gray declares.

"If everyone could leave with one thing that really tugged at their heart strings, that would make me super happy," Rose shares.

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