FX's "Shogun" consults master of Noh to honor traditional Japanese theater

ByEduardo Sanchez, Amit Lerner, Brian Sung, Dana Langer Localish logo
Tuesday, March 26, 2024
FX's "Shogun" consulted master of Noh theater
Learn how FX's "Shogun" is honoring the traditional art of Noh - a historic form of theater involving dance, drama and music.

TOKYO -- FX's newest show "Shōgun" takes viewers back in time to ancient Japan and honors the tradition of Noh, a form of theater involving dance, drama and music.

"Noh has a very important root to the Sengoku period, which is the period that "Shōgun" takes place," explained Eriko Miyagawa, a "Shōgun" producer.

To ensure an authentic representation of Japanese culture and history, the creators of "Shōgun" consulted Noh master Kazufusa Hosho of Hosho-ryu to create a real, original piece of theater.

"In episode 6, there is a wonderful scene; it's like a show within a show because people get to see a piece of Noh theater," Miyagawa said. "Master Hosho was so generous. He read the script and he composed, choreographed, and arranged and created a piece for us to be part of the show."

According to Master Hosho, "Nohgaku is a form of art in which one is confronted with oneself, so it is similar to the atmosphere of a meeting between a samurai and a samurai."

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