FX's "Shogun" honors ancient samurai traditions

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Tuesday, March 12, 2024
FX's "Shogun" honors ancient samurai traditions
Meet the 32nd-generation samurai master keeping one of Japan's most ancient traditions alive. FX's "Shogun" is streaming now on Hulu and internationally on Disney+.

TOKYO -- To the producers behind FX's epic saga "Shōgun," authenticity to Japanese culture was of the utmost importance while creating the show.

"We had to make this story inspired by true history," said Hiroyuki Sanada, who both produced the series and stars in it as Lord Yoshii Toranaga. "We need to make it authentic as much as possible."

Set in Japan in the year 1600, the series takes a deep dive into the life of samurai and shoguns who served as the warrior class during the feudal period.

A grandmaster, who descended from those who trained the samurai and shoguns during the Tokugawa period, still exists in Japan today.

Master Kiyomoto Ogasawara is the 32nd heir to the headmastership of Ogasawara-ryu, his family's school that teaches samurai etiquette and archery.

"Since the Tokugawa period began in Edo, the Ogasawara family has served every shogun," Master Kiyomoto explained.

"Kiyomoto Ogasawara," Kunihiko Suzuki, a current samurai student, said, "he is a living legend."

Watch FX's "Shōgun," streaming now on Hulu and internationally on Disney+.

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