Church's unique jewelry supports disaster relief

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Friday, May 31, 2024
Church's unique jewelry supports disaster relief
FRAGMENTS OF FAITH: Trinity Episcopal Church reimagines Hurricane Ike debris into symbols of hope.

GALVESTON, Texas -- Hurricane Ike caused widespread damage in 2008, including the destruction of a 104-year-old Tiffany stained-glass window at Trinity Episcopal Church.

"The shattered glass was just all over the floor of the church and so during the cleanup right after Ike, folks just came in and put it in big buckets," Reverend Jimmy Abbott said.

Those buckets of glass were put into storage and were forgotten until now.

Karla Mock is a jewelry designer and owner of Mock and More Gallery in Galveston. The church reached out to her to create unique jewelry pieces with the shards of glass.

"This is the first time that I have worked with glass as a material," Mock Said. "I'm not cutting the glass, I'm using it as it broke."

You can purchase the jewelry at her gallery or at the church. A portion of the proceeds go the church's revived Phoenix Project, which raises funds to support communities hit by disasters.

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