Elderly man leaves behind 14 years of Christmas gifts for 2-year-old neighbor

Before he passed away, an elderly man wanted to make sure his young neighbor continued getting Christmas presents from him -- so he left more than a decade's worth of presents behind for the 2-year-old.

Owen Williams chronicled the touching series of gifts on Twitter, explaining that his neighbor's daughter came over after her father's death with a large plastic bag.

"In the sack were all the Christmas presents he'd bought for *our* daughter for the next (fourteen) years," Williams wrote. "He always told us he'd live (until) he was 100 years old, so these gifts would have taken him up to our little girl's 16th Christmas."

Williams said he and his wife would continue to give their young daughter "a present from Ken" each year for the next 14 years.

He remembered his neighbor as a man of many hobbies who was kind to the family dog.

Williams later tweeted that he had opened one of the presents -- he and his wife couldn't resist -- and found a book from French artist and writer Tomi Ungerer.

"We're definitely going to open one every year (until) 2032, by the way. It'll be our way of remembering an immensely generous gentleman - our new Christmas tradition," Williams added.
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