Waukegan man tries to set officers on fire during barricade situation, police say

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

WAUKEGAN, Ill. -- A man tried to set police officers on fire during a barricade situation in north suburban Waukegan Tuesday, according to law enforcement officials.

Members of the Lake County Sheriff's Civil Process Team were attempting to serve an order for the detention and examination of a 38-year-old Waukegan man when the man attempted to set the law enforcement officials on fire, police said.

Deputies arrived at the man's residence on Philippa Avenue but the front door was blocked by a large piece of furniture. Officers were able to force the front door open, and, upon their entry, the 38-year-old man emerged from his second-floor apartment.

The man was non-compliant and began spraying lighter fluid, through a flame from a lighter, on deputies on the floor below, police said. The officers were able to block the stream of fire with their shields and only a small fire was ignited in the foyer. The mans threats continued for several hours as he appeared at the top of the stairwell several times, brandishing knives and telling officers to, "come and get me," according to police.

Members of the Sheriff's Crisis Outreach and Support Team spent hours trying to get the man to surrender peacefully, but after repeated threats and the man's refusal to surrender, deputies had to enter through the second-floor window in order to detain him.

There were no injuries, and the man was then transported to a mental health facility.