What's the difference between N95 and KN95 masks? Expert explains what you need to know

BySophie Flay KABC logo
Saturday, January 15, 2022
N95 vs. KN95 masks: What's the difference between them?
Experts are now recommending medical grade masks to protect yourself against COVID-19 - but what's the difference between an N95 and a KN95 mask?

According to medical experts, medical grade masks like KN95 and N95 are the most effective in protecting you from COVID-19.

With the spike in cases due to the omicron variant, Los Angeles County employers will have to provide either of these masks to employees working indoors.

"KN95's are certified in China versus N95's are certified from National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health," said Cedars-Sinai Medical Director Thomas Yadegar.

Doctor Yadegar says the way they fit is slightly different as well.

"The KN95s don't necessarily need to have a fitting, those are kind of more for commercial use and everyone can use them. For us in the hospital, when you're wearing an N95, they need to really get properly fitted so you're using the correct size for your face," said Yadegar.

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