Chicago's weight-loss infomercial king back in legal trouble months after released from prison

ByChuck Goudie and Ross Weidner, Barb Markoff, Christine Tressel WLS logo
Friday, November 18, 2022
Chicago's weight-loss infomercial king back in legal trouble months after released from prison
Where is Kevin Trudeau now? Federal authorities want to lock up the weight-loss infomercial king because he still owes millions to the government.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A man described as a Chicago huckster, fraudster and ex-con is back in legal trouble, just months after being released from federal prison.

Federal authorities said they are still uncertain the true amount of dough that this Chicago weight-loss infomercial king actually has and they want him locked up again because he still owes so many millions to the government.

However, Kevin Trudeau remains free while a U.S. judge orders him to come up with some financial answers.

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"Where are you going," Trudeau yelled as his hired car seemed to veer away this afternoon outside the Dirksen Federal courthouse Thursday.

Trudeau isn't going anywhere after a federal judge ordered him to remain in the Chicago area, even though he wants to travel globally for business.

Trudeau is still on probation after serving eight years of a 10-year sentence for criminal contempt after continuing to make deceptive weight-loss claims in his infomercials.

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The Federal Trade Commission had asked Judge Robert Gettleman to lock up Trudeau. FTC attorneys cited that there is $30 million of Trudeau's money that is allegedly unaccounted for, even as they say the convicted fraudster still owes a portion of a $37 million federal judgment, despite Trudeau's claims he's all paid up.

Trudeau's ex-wife, Natasha Babenko, has voluntarily turned over documents to the FTC from their Oak Brook mansion and from Zurich, Switzerland, that she claims provides new information about where Trudeau has assets overseas.

She was deposed by FTC attorneys who said she told them that when she traveled to Trudeau's home in Zurich, she saw gold bars and massive amounts of jewelry.

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When he was living the very high life, Chicago's weight-loss infomercial king didn't have to worry about hailing a ride-share because he had his own Bentley.

Judge Gettleman has other questions for Trudeau, notably, why he didn't report to the judge when he was released from prison this year.

Trudeau is due back in court a week from Wednesday and has an FTC deposition December 9.