Val, Ryan joined by live studio audience to celebrate Black History Month on 'Windy City Weekend'

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Friday, February 23, 2024
Val, Ryan joined by live audience to celebrate Black History Month
Val and Ryan were joined by a live studio audience to talk about Beyonce going country and ABC7 Chicago's upcoming special.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- This week on "Windy City Weekend," Val and Ryan were joined by a live in-studio audience to celebrate Black History Month and ABC7's upcoming special, "Our Chicago: History & Heritage."

Beyonce goes country

Beyonce is stepping into her country era with the release of a new hit single, "Texas Hold 'Em."

Ryan Rodeo

Ryan better get down to Austin, Texas because a rodeo is looking to wrangle up all the "Ryan's" in the country for a meet-up.

"Our Chicago: History & Heritage"

A Black History Month special will debut Saturday on ABC7 Chicago that will feature important stories of Chicago's history and heritage.

Cheryl Burton and Hosea Sanders joined Val and Ryan to promote the upcoming ABC7 Black History Month cultural special, "Our Chicago: History & Heritage."

This half-hour program contains a plethora of stories, from the history behind Harold's Chicken to West Side artists turning plastic into works of art.

Cheryl and Hosea host the special with contributions from Terrell Brown, Val Warner, Karen Jordan and Jasmine Minor.

"Our Chicago: History & Heritage" airs Saturday, February 24 at 6 p.m. with an encore presentation on Sunday, February 25 at 11 p.m. on ABC7 Chicago.

The ultimate 'track meet'

Val Warner's son was introduced to his great, great uncle, who was a gold medalist in the sport he now excels in.

This Black History Month, ABC7 Chicago is honoring the history and heritage of those making a difference. This story takes a deep look into Val's family roots.

Her son Max got to meet his great, great uncle Greg.

Dr. Gregory Bell is a former track and field athlete who won an Olympic gold medal for the long jump in 1956.

"To my knowledge, there was no one else in my lineage who showed even a desire of the ability to do something noteworthy," Bell said.

At 93, he is about to meet his great, great nephew for the first time. A rising track and field athlete and two-time All-American in the triple jump, Maxwell Warner.

It's the ultimate track meet.

Liz Toussaint's live performance

Englewood native Liz Toussaint joins 'Windy City Weekend' to perform her latest single 'What You're Missing.'

Born and raised in Englewood, Liz Toussaint is one of the only Black female country singers in Chicago.

She joined live in studio to perform her latest single, "What You're Missing."

Liz Toussaint discusses her vision board workbook, 'Who Do You THINK You Are?'