Val, Dionne, Jenny LeFlore talk 'mob wife' aesthetic and 'dry January'

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Friday, January 26, 2024
Val, Dionne Miller, Jenny LeFlore talk 'mob wife' style, 'dry January'
Val, Dionne Miller and Jenny LeFlore talk 'mob wife' aesthetic, 'dry January' and keeping their Christmas trees up in January.

This week on "Windy City Weekend," Jenny LeFlore joins Val Warner and guest co-host Dionne Miller for Host Chat.

Are people embracing the 'mob wife' aesthetic?:

TikTok's newest trend has women embracing the style of Italian American moms from hit shows like "Sopranos."

Take a look at the weather, because it might be a 'dry or damp January':

Going sober for January has been popular for years, but a new trend is emerging for those who don't want to cut out drinking completely.

"Damp January" might be the answer for people who don't want the pressure of going completely sober.

Have you taken your Christmas tree down yet?:

It's the end of January and while some people ripped their Christmas trees down before New Year's Eve, others still have theirs up today.

Is your tree still up, and when do you plan on taking it down?

Fun Fitness Bros: A new app that is making fitness fun:

Dr. Ian Smith and fitness expert Joey Thurman joined Val and Dionne to promote their app, Fun Fitness Bros.

Dr. Ian Smith and fitness expert Joey Thurman are back to talk about their newest app to get you moving this year, Fun Fitness Bros.

Dr. Ian joins Val in the kitchen to talk about some healthy recipes that are delicious and diet friendly, while Joey and Dionne try a fun workout.

Fun Fitness Bros is available on the App Store, Google Play and Roku.

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