Huge ice shoves from Wisconsin lake cause damage to homes

Friday, March 25, 2022
Huge lake ice shoves cause damage to homes
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Large ice shoves from Lake Winnebago have pushed ashore, causing damage to homes.

GREEN BAY-APPLETON, Wis. -- It may be almost April but up in east Wisconsin, they are still seeing intense winter conditions.

Take a look at this: Large ice shoves from Lake Winnebago pushed onto the shore and caused damage to homes.

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You can see the 16 to 18 inch shoves lined up against homes near the lake, WBAY reported.

An ice shove forms when the conditions are right for wind, current and temperature changes.

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Residents near Lake Winnebago are used to shoves of ice but not this thick.

Many of these properties are summer vacation homes, so luckily people were not inside the buildings at the time.